Sunday, August 16, 2009


2day went mois again..
so crowded
til i cant breathe
i less go up the stage
coz reli too many ppl
so i jus sit at the bar
jus peeping 4leng zai..
today i reli dun feel like going up the stage
but they force me to....
kim hoong had drunk
n im kinda scare of him
he keep looking at me
n den i dun wanna go up the stage
n he jus pull me up from sitting
n den holding my hand to the stage
while on the stage
he is weird too
mayb coz drunk
n my gud brother too
ah beh r ah beh~~
he did drunk too
i jus get down from the stage
n he pull me up again..
yang saw me n him holding hands..
anyway,holding hands doesnt mean anytin
n den we dance on the stage..
i jus cant enjoy..
duno y...

is the end of mois story..
wanna go slp d...
tmr continue blogging ya

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