Saturday, August 8, 2009


is been awhile that i did not blog
n finally i had deleted all the blogs that i wrote las time
gosh~today was been bz like hell
wake up early in the morning to prepare for our grand event!!
is the PR FAIR ~!!!
thk God that our publicity works~
a lots of people came over n visit our booth
we have PS3 , DARTS and PUZZLES
after busying for so many months
FINALLY it had came to the end
i do feel relief
n today i do feel hepi
although there are certain conflicts happened
but now
wat to think bout anymore?
in here we would like to thanks all the ppl who help us in our fair
especially our main sponsor SONY~
n all the performancers, clowns n so on
without all of you
our fair wont b successfully held

[So sori that does not have any pics here..coz im kinda lazy to upload it...soreeeee]

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