Thursday, September 3, 2009


blog again
las nite jus went red wif ah hui n ting
jus to fetch them thr n c the new red
although exam coming
but las9 mk me relax
we play pokers thr n chat wif red staffs
n i oso sing too
but im so stupid.....i sang las9..
1st song is MR.Q n the 2nd song i asked quan to choose..n jus for listen
den he chosen xin dong
den wen the 2nd song cums...
i asked him open ban chang..he keep asked me to sing..
den i said dun wan n asked him open the ban chang
n he lied to me dat the new system cant open ban chang wan
im so stupid dat i believe him
n den i sing til half
i dun wan sing d..
den he said dun wan let me sing anymore d..
after dat i was so curious how cum cannot open the ban chang
n i asked ah meng
ah meng said "can ar..who said cannot?"
n yet,i jus noe i kena tipu by dat QUAN~~~
den another funny thing is ting..
she lose in cho dai dee
n she suddenly so big response
n making a sound "yiiiiiii~~"
n her hand swing n push down the beer bottle..
n the beer all flow out
so damn funny...
all other tables were looking us
i dare not to turn my head to any place..
but is quite fun anyway...
sumore saw vincent..
like a staff gathering aneh..
ex staff n staffs for now gather 2gether...
i reli miss all red staffs~
but i think the feelings cum bec again..
i start to hv bec the feelings to him again
i duno y
i duno wat to do now
i suppose not to continue dis anymore

but y is dis so?
i jus so curiousss..
i feel tired..since exam sumore coming tmr..
alrite..stop here
goin to study d...
bye guys

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