Friday, September 25, 2009


i Just dunno y..
keep feeling moody nowadays
i guess
im thinking too much huh..?
trying to b hepi all da time
but it seems like sumtin in my mind dat i cnt let down..
i duno wat it is
or mayb wat they are
jus making me stress & pressure
how could dis happen to me?
is it im getting sum disorders such as depression or sumtin else?
or mayb i got too many problems in my heart n i keep it too long
n it bcum worse
i thought everythings doin fine
everything had been settled
but now....
i stil feeling not comfortable

wat m i thinking all da way?
i start to ask myself
day by day
from every second
wat im having in my mind?
y i bcum so emo nowadays
is it i need someone to stay by my side so that i could share my problems wif?
i guess so..
& maybe i met too many fakers nowadays
that making me tired n stressful..
wat shud i do
my life seems to b meaningless n no point..
everything = 0

i shud stop my thoughts now...
i hope everything will b run well soon
i do hope so =(

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