Thursday, October 1, 2009

RED BOX ON 29th September

Soree for late posting..
went to red box on the 29th!!
is boring...we mostly wil keep wanna sing
but on dat day we jus keep crapping wif each other
mayb too long time din chat wif each other?
so from 2pm we sang til 5pm..
feeling hungry though...
from morning til 5pm i did not eat
n finally
after singing, we went to SUSHI !!!
i LOVE sushi
but i jus ate 4plates..
no appetite i guess
after ate,of coz went for a walk to burn calories~haha
but we jus rounding the whole gurney plaza but no targetted places..
so is kinda boring though..

then we heading to STARBUCKS
stil continue crapping non-stopping

but they stil feeling wanna enjoy the nite
so we planned to go sunset...
we reached sunset at 12.30am
but the opening hours jus til 1am
so finally decided to go kopitiam buy some beers n took to erica hse
we played cards n who lose mus drink...

the time passed very fast..
3sumtin in the morning we stil awake..
but ling ling n erica had fall asleep
2 siao zha bor
n zhong huan
drunk like shit..haha
keep talking nonsense..

bout 4am,im tired n finally bec my home sweet home
dats the end i guess..haha...

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