Thursday, October 22, 2009


wheeeeeeeeeeeee xD
im sure everyone get excited wen heard dat im goin up for sexy dance
n finally i did so
in the end i get ntg for the sexy dance
a lot of frenz cheer for me..not oni frenz....others too
i feel proud
n 2finallist came out wic is me n another gal
we r placed wif one bucket of carlsberg on our hand
and everyone was asked to pay for the bucket to mk us win
n i was so suprise
my frenz willing to spend rm350 for me xD
wic are dickson n yi fan...
thk u so much
but i end up wif losing
sumore hv to pay rm100 for the vodka wic doesnt nid to pay actually
im kinda piss off..n finally i argue wif zoie on the stage
wic he is my fren...
everyone were lookin at us
but wat to do
sean's law~f**k~

n den wen go down the stage im stil angry...
keep scolding rude words
n keep boycott everyone
but after awhile i heard zoie/coollen(not sure wic wan) shout "whr r u hazelnut?"
i was so hepi
dat sumone do cares bout meeeee..
n den i went up the stage n talked wif zoie..
i am reli so sori to him...
not only him but coollen too..
n everyone who in mois @@

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