Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boring Nite ! =(

Help me!!
What a boring night...=(
Rainy day, No place to go, Nothing else I can do!
Tired somemore..Grrrr

Broadband sucks as well ! -.-
Couldn't watch PPS.
I'm just stuck infront of the laptop blogging. =(
I hate Broadband!!
Regretted to use it... But no choice.
1 year agreement or else hv to pay extra money for it.
Lack of money recently.
Gotta work on PC Fair next month!

Somemore have to spend on my 19th Bufday~
God, drop me down some money!

Blog till here.
I guess i should go youtube and search for some video to watch.
Rather than just sitting here, got ntg to do =)

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