Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good Luck My Friend! =D

Is sad to hear that friends are leaving you.
A lot of friends had leaved me as well.
Some went overseas.
Some went to other city.

Last night,

I had been told that one of my friend will leaving Penang soon.
Too soon i guess. =[
We just know each other few months ago
But he is a nice person to talk to and I'm really glad that i met him.
Although we are not really that close
But for me,
He is a good friend of mine. =)
I am really sad to know this bad news.


I guess leaving Penang to KL might be better for his future.
So i do wish him luck too! =D
Take care my friend!

There are few words..Haha..Nope..Few things i wanna say to you..

  • First, I do really hope that you will have a better life in KL.
  • Second, when get marry remember inform me!!! Hahahahaha =P
  • Third, do take care of yourself.
  • Fourth, I really need to apologise to you for the things that happened recently. =(
  • Fifth, Not to forget me!! =)
  • Sixth, I'm happy to know you and have you as my friend!! =D
Last one!!
All da best and Take Care!

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