Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Give Up!

Hey, guys!
Blogging again.
Kinda busy recently with a lot of projects! =(
I'm so tired.
Seems like a lot of things need to catch up.
Today going to test.
But not in the mood.
And lack of time to study though.
Still busy-ing with advertisers!
Lame "I.B" yesterday said that they don't want to advertise anymore!
Suck!!! You should tell us earlier!
Wasting our time and energy to go and find you often after class!
Don't you know is tired?!!
Please do understand us as well. We are human like you!
Idiot!! !@#$%^&*


Have to start design layout and those advertisements for our magazine.
Tired and totally tension. =(
Can't take it anymore.
Still one more semester left.
I'm going to continue till the end.
Has been considering to continue to advanced.
But seems like now i give up!
I guess Diploma is my limit.
If continuing, i'm goin to get depression.

I'm so sorry to my family that I decided not to further my study anymore!
But it will be a waste of money and time if i continue.
That's my final decision. I surrender. =(

Gotta prepare to class later.
C ya'll tonite maybe? =D
Bye, guys!

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