Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Progress and Progress again

Hey! Feel bored.
So blog here for fun! =)
Countdown for 6 days for my 19th Birthday Partay.
Feel nervous and worry as well.
Hate problems.
So, I do hope everything runs well.

I'm crazy for DSLR.
Sometimes when i saw my friends holding one,
I really feel like wanna rob him/her just for the DSLR. Haha!
Just dreaming. lol.
Hope i could have one that belongs to me a.s.a.p! =D

Now i'm kinda confuse with the guests list.
Got changes now.
Going to add more people so that will be cheaper and not that boring.
Before this just 10+ people.
That sounds not fun at all. Haha!
So going to add more people to make the room rates cheaper. =D
But liquors and beers must add. Okie!
Trying my best to make it perfect

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