Friday, November 13, 2009

K Day ^^

Hey, guys!
Blogging mood again =)
Just went back from Red Box with my classmates~
Wheeeeeeee =D

Not sing that much.
But having lots of fun though. *Hehe*
After singing K, went to eat ICE KACANG !!
I almost forgotten the existence of this food. =(
Chat at the stall and keep laughing.
People surrounding just keep looking at us as if we are crazy! xD
Whatever..Who's cares?

Planning to have a pyjamas partay on my birthday! Yippie ! =D
Going to celebrate earlier since Yin Thing bufday on the 4th.
But we are working for PC fair on that particular day.
So might be mostly held on 2nd of December!

I just can't wait for it!
Hopefully it will be lots of fun ^^
I don't wish for presents.
I just wish that all my friends that i invite will attend my partayy and have fun!

Wait for our coming soon Pyjamas Bday partay! =D


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