Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kim Hoong's Farewell Party! =D

**Kim Hoong and Meeeee**

Hey, guys!
I'm here to blog again!
Hehehe =)

Last nite was Kim Hoong's farewell party in Mois!
He's going to KL very very soon.
That's the purpose of the farewell partay!
Good Luck Dude!
All da Best in KL!

Having a lots of fun?
I'm just standing there for the whole night.
Taking pictures, looking around.
That's totally not me!! =(
I don't know why.
I guess I'm a lil bit tired..?

Try to went up the stage.
But ha!
I just can't shake, can't move
Even there's a large space for me!

Last night i was stupid!
I met one of Malaysia's celebrity but i did not realise at all.
From far, i'm just like "Eh? That guy quite handsome!"
That's all.
After lil while, i felt hot.
And feel like getting some "cold air". LOL
So i walked to the place that i could feel the air cond.
Suddenly a guy step on my foot!
Is pain! I almost feel like wanna push that guy away!
But omg!
Is him!!! Is him!!! =D
Then he apologised.
Then i walked back to my table later.
My friend telling me who is him!
I'm such a fool !
I did not realised it..Aduiiii..

Anyway, i did tried wanna ask him to tk pic wif me.
But i did not do so cos i'm shy..
Shy?!!! That's terrible!
But anyway, nice to see him as well! =D

Just went back from Caster bday.
Kinda full now.
Bye, guys! Long post huh?? Soreeeee...=]

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