Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Become More and More Challenging..=(

Finally i got to finish up my news release! =)
Just so stressful...
Got a lots of assignment coming...
I'm so headache with magazines!

Still got a lot need to do.
Feel like haven't started yet! =(
Some advertisers does not give us any answer yet.
And some like just wanna to change decision now.
It going to be a nightmare!!

Today just gotta know our team for masscom week.
WTF?!!!! !@#$%^&*
My class rep is the team leader?!!!
Shit...That's terrible.
He is smart.
But handling such a big team, i guess he could not make it.
I'm not looking down on him.
But helooo....We were in the same class since last year.
We know him much.
Arghhhh...Should let others be.
Wonder what is the lecturer thinking about.

Besides that,

My group responsible in research for my team.
I hate doing research.
Have to think of survey questions.
Make interviews.
Produce reports.
That's totally giving a lots of headache stuffs to me and my friends as well.

I guess my life start to get more challenging day by day.
Although I'm still in study life.
But it seems like got a lot of thing to catch up and to be done.
Life is really challenging. =(

Alrite, guys!
Going to stop here.
C ya all tomorrow! =D

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