Thursday, November 12, 2009

May Yee Bufday =D

Last nite was May Yee bufday
Went Mois to partayy! =D
Kinda packed and a lot of annoying people too!
Let's see the Happy Moment and Suck Moment :-

Happy Moment
  • Dance with my classmates all nite long. Fun! =)
  • Saw some friends there. xD
  • Have a great chit chat with friendzzz !
Suck Moment
  • Drunk western people that keep stepped on my foot! Arghhhh!
  • Pervert all around. Sucks! =(
  • Ashley could not up for sexy dance due to Mois's unfair rules~
  • Some people keep pushing all the way since the beginning !
Seems like suck moments more than happy moments.
But i'm still having a lots of fun,babe~ =)
Some people ain't got brain keep pushing here n thr!
Making me pissed off like hell
So i turned my head n look at him!
My face look fierce and mad! xD

He stopped it and walked away =D
Nice one!!! LMAO
After partay, went khaleel to eat.
Chit chatting all nite long..
Tired =(

** I guess time to stop my bloggie here..=)**

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