Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nice Korean Drama!

Hey, Readers!
Just finished watching the korean drama that I keep mentioned.
What a nice drama I would say! =D
I guess you guys should try to watch this drama.

I'm a person who does not interested in korean drama.
But this is really nice.
Here it is !

The drama tells that there's twin brother n sis who look alike.
Her brother went to eyelid surgery and it failed.
So, he have to go America to "recover" it.
This causes the gal have to pretend to be her bro and join the group A.N. JELL.
No one knows she is a girl.
But sooner some of them found out.
And where's the story start.

Just lil description.
I hope you guys will watch it.
Believe me. Is nice. =)
Start to get sleepy.
Bye, friends! ^^

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