Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Outsiders In College..=.=

Today i guess we are unlucky.
We met 2 men, nahhh....
scary as well..=(

After ate chicken rice,

We went back to college.
And we were buying sausage just outside the college.
Suddenly one man appeared.
He is almost naked where he just wearing a boxer!
Walking here and there!!
We get shocked and get into the car.
Guess what?!
He get into our college as well!
No one noticed it except for us.
He walked without passing by the guard house.
He hide under the tree.
So when we get into college, we told the guard to check it out.
Hopefully can catch him out! =)


We went to park the car.
Looks familiar. A man, one of staff in canteen.
He was standing there.
When we get down the car,
he was looking at us weirdly and he smile!
We thought aiya...
College's staff, should be ok.
So,we just don't bother him and went to fill up water.
He following us and stand just behind us!
We were so scared coz jus 3of us.
Other friends were waiting nearby.
Finally we realised something goes wrong.
My guy friend came and help us to get out of there!
He still continue following us!!!
We ran as fast as possible to the lecture hall.
Luckily he stop following.
Or else, we going to shout like crazy!
Haha! xD

Funny but was unlucky too.

Stop here now.
Tonite going to partay~~
Stressful nowadays.

Bye, friends! =D

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