Thursday, November 19, 2009

Partay Nite !

Last nite finally get to have some time to release my tension!
Wheeepieee xD ~
Been stressful recently with lots of assignments!!! =(
In few weeks time, gotta settle all. *Sigh*

Okay, let's talk about last night!

YL fetched us there and met L.
After we went in Mois for lil while,
We head to Fame.
Because got free wines!!
Hahaha! We managed to get 2bottles of wine JUST FREE ! =D
That's funny that my cup was full.
Wine suppose to pour just lil bit. I guess less than half cup.
But my friend pour one whole cup for me...xD
That's crazy.

Me and P and oso L were totally steam.
Hahahahahahaa =D

Still having fun!
Alrite, gotta stop here.
Today not in blogging mood.

C ya'll soon! =D

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