Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planning For My 19th Birthday In Progress! =)

Hey, Hazelnut in the house!
Today such a tired day.
Morning until the evening attending classes non-stop.
After class went to find advertisers.
So damn tired.
But still going Pasar Malam after busy for the whole day.
Finally i got chance to eat Char Koay Kak!
My favourite! =D *love*

After Pasar Malam,
gotta go Sg Nibong to return car to my friend's friend.
Reached home about 9pm.
Wow.. 11am to 9pm. That's tiring! =(

Today did went Northam Hotel as well.
Asking for the info about the room rates.
Kinda cheap with the suites.
Going to choose there as the venue of my 19th Birthday Partayy!

Date and Venue done.
Guests list had been set as well.
Hopefully all could attend.
The problem now is about the alcohol.
Still finding cheap prices for alcohol.
So that could save more money!
Hopefully can find one soon! =)

I just can't wait for it!
Hope it could success!
Ooops! Still gotta plan for games and activities!
Have to buy nice pyjamas too since dress code will be pyjamas!
Wow! I'm waiting for it!!!

Alrite. Gotta take some rest!
See ya'll soon! =D

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