Thursday, November 26, 2009

Planning For My 19th Birthday Party Almost Done! =D

Hey! Just get back from college.
Pheeewwwww... Tired.
Had went to book hotel's room! Yippie =)
Venue now had really fix.
Which is Northam Hotel Deluxe Suite! xD
Argghhh! Can't wait for it!

Dress code had fixed as well.
But, i still not getting any pyjamas yet. =(
Trying to find nice one!
Alrite, Date has been set as well.
Guests list OK!
Left planning of activities and liquors problem.
Hopefully can find duty free liquor! =)

Just checked my mail about PC Fair job.
I 100% do not want to work for it.
Wearing the green colour elf's costume.
Some more just 80 cm long!
My height is 170 cm, can't even cover half of my body. *lmao*
Have to wear a green xmas hat as well.
Nahhhh... I won't do it even i really need money.
I just can't accept it.
It looks like more on selling carlsberg instead of distributing flyers.
If i accept the job,
Spoil image. LOL


Trying to find another PC Fair job.
But i don't think i can find any.
I guess should give up, huh?

Is an end here.
Bubbye. =)

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