Friday, November 13, 2009

♥ Planning On My 19th Birthday ♥

My birthday coming up soon!
Wheeeeeeee =D
I just can't wait for it.
Because I'm going to have a bufday partay!! =)
Hopefully the partay can be held successfully.

But I'm still confusing which hotel better?
Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel?
Flamingo? ( Heard it is quite strict )
Or any other hotels that affordable and niceeee..?? =(

Forget about the venue.
Let's see what's the plan!

I guess dress code will be PYJAMAS!! niceeeee xD
I should buy a nice pyjamas next month.
Spend money again. =[
How about the event?

Still planning what games or activities should do on that day.
I guess Truth Or Dare will be one of it as usual. *hahaha*
But still wanna add in some more fun and special activities..=)

Beverages time!
Liquor and beers will not be forgotten.
Snacks and cakes of course will be provided as normal birthday partay.
Any ideas of special foods? *Hehe*

Arghhh...This making me headche.
I guess i would just invite the friends that everyone knows.
Mostly college friends. =(
Too crowded will be boring.

Haiyaaaa. Blog to fill my boring-ness. LOL

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