Monday, November 16, 2009

So I'm here blogging again!
Hello,guys! =)
Today was late to class. LOL
But when i reached, the lecture haven't started yet..
That's great.

After class,

Head toKFC !
Wheeeeeeeee xD
Has been starving since early in the morning.
Finally i get to eat!!
Over hungry.
Ordered one set of snack plate & my lovely wedges. =D
Gonna get fatter and fatter. Whatever.
Is a nice breakfast+lunch anyway.
Having some chit chat with Ying Pei, Lynn and Ling Ling.
Gossips, Latest news, Imaginations. Haha!
Kinda fun! =)

When in hostel,
feeling of taking some pictures to be upload to Facebook. =D
I guess you should check out my Facebook the new album!
Guess you will see the same pose as well.
But i was just trying to get some great shot.
Hope it would not be boring! *Hehehe..*

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