Friday, November 20, 2009

Which Hotels? =(

Do you know which suites is this?
Is The Krystal Suite!
Looks nice? =)
Somehow it is not that expensive though.
I guess may consider about it.


Quite far from our hostel.
Anyway, I'm lil bit attracted with it. =D
Doing many research on Penang's hotels as well.
Most of them really costly.
Without the beach,
Is it okay for my friends?

By the way,
Still have to discuss with my friend who will be celebrating 2gether with me.
I guess Krystal Suite quite nice and affordable.
Just lack of entertainment! =(
Got think to take Tg Bungah hotel as well.
But it seems boring.
Since Ling bufday was held there just the few months ago.
Nothing special anymore.

Do you all have any other suggestions?
I would really consider about it.
Since just left 2 more weeks.
Time running fast and fast!

But, I'm totally excited for my coming birthday! =)
I hope the pyjamas partay can be successfully held!
We are almost graduate (if lucky).
Hope this partay will be exciting and interesting! =)

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