Sunday, November 15, 2009

You're Beautiful ! Read My Blog Post! =D

Recently i keep chasing a korean movie!
It is nice korean movie! =D

"You're Beautiful"

Few minutes ago,

I just finished the latest episode! =)
Nice!! Just can't wait for the new episode.
Besides the drama,
The songs are nice too! *LOVE*

Feel like wanna upload the video into my bloggie.
But it seems lag.
Sorry, failed to do so! =(

Let me introduce 4 songs in the drama.
  1. Without Words
  2. My Heart Is Cursing
  3. As Ever
  4. Down From Heaven
Without Words is my 1st choice!
Did you realise my blog's song? =D

Other songs are nice as well!
Especially My Heart Is Cursing..
Telling the feelings of someone that could not get someone he/she love.
A sad song that meaningful.
I guess may suit some of you.
Same feeling, same situation? =(

I guess is time to say bubbye once again. =)
Sorry if my posts are boring. *Hehe*

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