Sunday, December 27, 2009

Enjoyable day with chicken and sausage and Friends!

Hey, guys! I'm here again. ;)
So how's ya day? Me? I'm still fine.
Woke up too early i guess.
Slept at 5sumtin in the morning but woke up at 10 sumtin.
Arghh! Dark circles going to be more serious.LOL

Finally, last nite went to May Yee's house for BBQ.
When i reached, i felt boring coz no one that i know.
After a short while, my friends reached. Pheeeewww.. Thanks God.
Or else i'm going to boring like hell. =D
But sooner gets fun. Playing in the lift with Dinesh. Haha!
What a childish "game"! xD
I would said not bad. Was fun. Hehe ;)

So finished our BBQ, headed up to Heritage Club.
Hmph. Never been there before.
It looks quite high class by the appearance.
Seems like only rich people could visit there.
But it is under my expectation.
Went in and it looks just normal. Looks like PMC i guess?
But a lot of uncles and aunties over there.
We went there with whole bunch of people, include uncles and aunties and friends.
Keep doing funny stuffs over there.
I'm just sitting there like enjoying the show. Haha! xD
So after a short time, went in to the VIP room.
Getting crazier. Keep cheers with each other.
And some of them dancing there. Lol.
Damn funny and exciting.

Zhi Yong shown his magic to me.
But haha! Failed! Booooo xD
I guess you're lack of sleep. Haha.
Not in the mood, maybe.
Alrite, don't wanna tease u anymore! Lalala~
So next monday, nope. Is tomorrow nite.
Someone's birthday. Not pretty sure whether will be attending.
Since Wen Li's wedding on Tuesday. Hmph.
But i hope i can attend the birthday as well.
So that i could enjoy with my friends once again! Haha!

Gotta go. Keep reading my blog! Thanks! Bye =D

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