Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Want A Big Cutie Bunny! =D

Did u see this bunny? *laughss*
Gift from my friend during my bufday partay on Wednesday!
I love it =)
Is a small little bunny.
But is totally cute... Wheeeeeeee

So i would name it as lil' bunny.
It makes me wanna get a big bunny as well !
Haha! But i think i would not spend money on "toy"?
Seems like i wanna get a lot of things.
Yeaaaa. Is true! =P
Just lack of money.

Wish to own a DSLR too.
But kinda expensive, hurh?
Arghhh.. Gotta save money for it.
But recently i guess over spending? =(

Anyway, is Saturday again!
Staying in hostel again n again.
No entertainment at all.
But gotta rush my project. Hates!
Alrite, stop here then.

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