Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Back! =D

Has been few days i did not blog, i guess.
Arghh.. Forgotten..=(
Been busy for magazine and tired.
Just came back from Red Box with classmates.
Ate a lot of things. Full like hell.
Going to get fatter and fatter!

Let's talk about the incident in Red Box.
Sing plus buffet. Kinda fun although just 4 of us. =)
Met a weird waiter. I guess over friendly and hyperactive. Haha!
First i get into the room with my friends.
I planned to close the door and he refuse me to do so.
Good service huh..? =__=
After a lil while, he came in again to clean up the messy table!
My friend was singing "Yue Ding".
He came over and play a fool with my friend.
Acting weird. LOL.

Next talk about my life for these few days.
Hmm.. Nothing special.
Finally managed to finish up the magazine.
Report sent.
Left 3 more assignment to go. Seems like this sem unlimited assignment =(
Gotta catch up with study as well. Hard.
Getting tired of it. Just wanna graduate fast. Hmph.
Recently, i got my target. But nah..........
Just forget it. =)

Blog till here.
Goodbye! =D

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