Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Life Starts Growing.

Photoshooting is nice for me.
Of course not my own pictures. The environment. Foods. Moments will do.
When i start to grow up older,
I started to realise what i like, what i dislike.
And now. Here I am with photoshooting.
I am not a pros, just a lil beginner.
Shooting without DSLR.
Just with my lil lovely camera. Nikon.

See some of my works over here! =DHehe...
So, that's some of my work... =)
Now start to plan for my future job.
Considering the media industry. But not PR.
Hmph. Thinking of joining JC for now.
No salary for now. But experience is the best.
May help in my resume. Arghh.. Headache.
Whatever. Just concerntrate on my study 1st.

Tired. Bubbye

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