Friday, December 4, 2009

My Lovely 19th Birthday Party! =D

Finally my birthday party ended.
Indeed, I had a great bday for this year!
Last year bday i feel like alone.
This year a lot of friends celebrated my bday ! =D
Thanks, guys!
I love ya all !

The party was held in Northam Hotel room 3002.
Nice! With big bathroom!
I love it! But it cant be lock =__=
Haha! I'm sick though during my bday party.
But anyway, i'm still having a lots of fun! Heheee =)
After drink and cutting the cake,
took some pics and having fun with "YAM SHENGGGGG"
Went to Mois as well.
Just to feel the bass n the crowd!
What an enjoyable nite i would say! =D
I miss it so much!
Is kinda tired but i guess this is the best partay ever!
Even i'm not in a good condition at 1st.
But when i saw all my friends came over for my bday,
I did feel hepi n a much more better! *LOVE*

But still wanna apologise to TP, ANDY, MILO n ZHONG HUAN.
Coz because of us, 4 of ya have to went back home earlier.
Sorry, guys!

Is time for taking a bath since i fall asleep just now.
N now im totally awake! Haha!
Bubbye! ^__^

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