Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Nite Of Wednesday! =D

So, how's ya day? Hehe ;)
I'm quite fine today although lil bit tired.
Is the Christmas Eve, babe! But i'm not going anywhere tonite.
Weird hurh? I guess the boring xmas ever.
Whatever. Hmph.

Last nite went to the new club at Upper Road.
Called the "One Club". I would say the environment not bad for a drink.
If really wanna club, Mois so far still the best. =D
So i did went Mois to watch sexy dance. Hmph.
It was terrible. But still heard a lot of cheers. Hehe ;)
While watching, got mens beside. Asked us to take picture with one of them.
Don't worry. Motive-less.. Haha. Just a foreigner.

Quite enjoyed last nite. Although a lot of so-called "Ah Beng". LOL
But i would say not bad. Hehehe.
Christmas few more hours to go!
Wish ya all a Merry Xmas!
Love ya all! =)

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