Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party Nite On Tomorrow! =D

Sorry for not updating last night.
Been busy for magazine and the other assignment.
Since morning until 3am.
Tired like hell. Today keep feeling sleepy in the class.
Eyes like 1000000 kg more heavier. LOL
Finally get to finish 3pages. Left 2 more to go.
Hope can finish it tonite! =)

Anyway, getting sick now.
I guess lack of rest and over stress.
But tomorrow night still having birthday party in Northam Hotel.
I hope everything gonna be fine.
But what's terrible is we still got nothing for the night.
No time for planning and purchasing.
Tomorrow morning going to rush all the stuffs.
Car finally get repaired.
Hopefully i can drive tomorrow.
Thanks to Khai Xiang! =)

Gotta get some rest now.
Goin to continue with assignment tonite.
Bye guys!

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