Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking of transforming my hair! LOL

Hmph. So, i'm having the same hairstyle more than half years.
For hair colour, even worse. 1 year +. Still the same.
Did not dye for a new colour. Haha! Lame huh?
Chinese New Year coming very soon.
No choice. Must dye and change for the brand new year.
I'm still thinking when should i change my style? New Year or CNY?
Come on,guys. Give some opinions! =D
I might be colour my hair and changing my hairstyle like this ;

Look nice? Suits me? I do hope so.
I love the colour. But I'm worry that the colour may easily fade away.
Hope it won't. =(
Any more ideas on my hair? Shout out your opinions. Hehe ;)

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