Friday, December 4, 2009

Try To Improve My Language =D

Hey, blog again.
Keep updating my blog so that i could write more english.
Haha. Trying to improve now.
Going to graduate very soon ( if i'm lucky enuf).
Gotta search for job in the future.
Since my english sucks, is hard for me to get a good job.
Decided not to further my study anymore after diploma.
And working life will be coming very soon.
I'm not chinese educated.
I can't write in chinese.
Read is not that well too.
I only know how to speak in chinese.
English is poor as well.
So, i have to work hard to improve my english.
That's what i should do to make sure a better future.

Reading others' blog.
Update own blog.
Trying to know more friends that speak english well.
Hopefully these help a lil. =D

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