Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hate exam! Grrr!

Exam just can't end.
Arghh! Making me crazy!! Puh-leaseeee.. Stop exam now!
Sighh.. I'm just dreaming. Friday is the last day.
But this week the exam schedule all stick together! Ehem! Sucks!!
Can anyone help me out? Pheeeww.. I guess no one. Okie.
I hate books! Although i love FaceBOOK. ;)

What am i talking here? I'm lil bit insane lerrrr.. =[
Anyway, just do not know what to post today.
Just trying to voice out here, babe! Haizzz..

Friday nite was owesome!
And here it is. The photos of DRUNKERS! Haha!

Well, i love ya all! Hehe ;)
Muakz muakz!
Wasted that guys were all outside waiting.
Can't come into the gals toilet.. Haha! =P

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