Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just wanna voice out what suddenly flash in my mind! =)

Haha! I do not know why suddenly a lot of things flashing in my mind.
But i guess i should voice out in my blog.
Hmph. Recently i gotta know someone being so stingy.
That's what my friend told me. I guess guys should not be so stingy like him.
Should respect others as well.
I'm not going to mention what's happening so that my friend would not get involve in the situation.
Just i feel that guy is such a jerk, I would say.
First, stingy. Second, the most worse, PERVERT! Ha!
Seriously I'm so anti him. But someone still can be so good with him.
And waiting this so-called big crocodile to go near her. Alrite.
I'm not going to give any advice to "someone" because i knew she like to be like this.
I mean she wants. So why should i block her way,huh?
Just go ahead. I'm not going to shout out anything to her anymore.
Just let her be. She will regret someday being so.............
Argh! Speechless. Whatever. Is your life, not mine.
You should take care yourself. I mean you should LEARN.

Just forget about the issue. Next!
I guess pretty always get benefits.
As the past few days, a girl that is pretty won the sexy dance competition.
Haha! I would comment with one word! LAME!
Guys are so realistic until I'm speechless.
Others dance not well enough as well. But at least some are better than her.
But she won the RM800 because she is pretty.
Don't you think is unfair?
I would not shout for that gal or even clap my hands for her.
I'm not being jealous. I just feel unfair for others.
I can imagined if I'm one of the participant, I would really really feel unsatisfy.
I would think "Ya! She's pretty and I'm not. So I lose.". Woah!
I guess this is terrible.
So, guys. Think before you judge.
Imagine you were one of the participant. What would you feel?
Damn. Don't tell me with f**king answer such as;
"Those who lose should blame their mother."
I'm going to f**k those guys which said this sentence!
Look at the mirror before you judge others and blaming people's mom.

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