Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking for future.

As i keep mentioned billions of times, graduation coming very soon.
I mean it gets even nearer for now.
3 months to go, and is time to say goodbye to Diploma.
Well, I'm still confusing whether should i further my studies or is time to gain some real working experience.
Of course, working will be stressful. But i know it would be challenging.
And yet, I still can't find any available job that suits me in Penang.
What should i do? I got my plan actually.
In my plan, work for 1 year. While working, consider about further my education.
Yea, is my plan. The real plan of mine.
But i'm still stuck in my study life and just not ready for the working life. Haha!
Dumb huh? Well, i guess everyone will have the same feeling for the first time in this. ;)

I wish to find a job that more on events or maybe in writing.
Still trying to search for it.
If there is no choice, i think i should accept whatever jobs that i could find. =[
It just for temporary, i guess.
As a fresh grads, of course is hard to find a job that give full satisfaction.
The entry level most probably will be low pay. Sighh.
Whatever. Everyone need to face this. Myself as well. Hehe =)

Anyway, hope to get a job very soon.
Catch up with ya all real soon! =P
Good nite readers.

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