Saturday, March 13, 2010

Latest updates ♥

Hey, guys!
How's the new layout? Do drop comments in the chatbox. Hmph.
Personally, i love it much. Hehe :D
So, how's ya day? Well, I'm kinda fine. *evil laugh*
Yesterday nite was cool. Went to watch Alice in Wonderland. Not in 3D. But it was really a nice movie. I guess it is strongly recommended to watch!
Not to miss it, guys! So here it is. The poster of A.I.W !

Not going to upload too many posters of it.
I guess you can see the posters in any blog if they do check out this movie. Haha!
The story was really nice although sometimes might be too confusing.
Anyway, overall it is really a nice movie i would say.
Wasted did not watch in 3D. Aiks! :(

Alrite. Back to study. 3 more assignments to go.
Kinda boring and tired. But what to do? Sighh.
Graduation coming soon as well.
Just in few more weeks. Excited, worry though.
Where should in further my education?
Confuse and headache about it.
Seriously, i only got few choices due to financial problem.
Gonna decide after the briefing on next week.
Hope will change the perception of mine. ;)))

Today went to Prangin Mall and ate my favourite Tomyam Maggi!
Yum-yum. But...... I guess it is not great enuf. Haha!
Bought a clothes and 2 fake lashes.
Well, the clothes just rm 17.50! Worth it, man!
2 pieces just for rm35 and i shared with my friend.
It just cost me such a small amount. Not bad huh?
How bout the 2 lashes? Just RM 2.90 for each.
Obviously, is cheap. You should grab one if you want to. Haha! :P

Alrite. Going to end my blog rite now.
Sleepy. Zzzz.
Do drop comments in the chatbox if u're free. No doubt!
Good9 fellow babes and buddies. *love*

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