Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friends. Party.

Heya! I'm back to my blog again!
Hmph. Finally i got something to tell and something to share. LOL!
Aww... Tomorrow will be the first day of the last final exam.
Seriously, kinda nervous. But not really feel like i will be facing a big examination tomorrow. xD
I still can Facebook, MSN, Blog. Haha! Lame huh?
Plus, can have a big party with friends last night. Aiks!

So, what's going on during the party nite? Haha!
I was kinda stress recently with money doubts and something about my education.
And so, i thought i can enjoy last nite. But nope! Boring nite~
It was Saturday nite but i can see most of the the party animals are slightly underage! LMAO!
Or maybe those who just pass their bday n got 18.
I'm 20 now. Well, of course not that old. But i feel like i am. Haha!
Last nite was boring but funny though.

Finally get to see someone drunk! Haha! Not really drunk but steam!
Guess who is it? :P
He was so high for the whole nite. Dancing like no one else on the stage.
Just dance whatever he wants! Haha! Nice dance, anyway.
Plus, talking nonsense with the using of "Hokkien Mee" and "Tissue".
Haha! It was really funny and i just cant stop thinking of it. LOL!
Besides that, Kelvin and Vikram sometimes look high as well.
Crazy nite huh? I wish i can be tipsy but i'm not.
So, i felt boring. But when i looked at all of them, i just feel happy and wanna laugh.
Thanks, guys for entertaining me. Especially 'V'. Haha!

Alrite. Gonna eat my lunch now.
Catch up with all of ya soon! :)

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