Thursday, April 1, 2010

Masscom Nite and Mois.

Well, the Masscom nite that we had waited for so long.
Seriously, it was an awesome nite and we really did enjoyed! :D
It was held in Cititel. Hmph. Not bad.
Foods were averagely okiee.. And services not bad as well.
There's lamb, prawns, salads and etc... :P
So, we had get through the lucky draw and games.
Hmph. Kinda lucky as well. My number 198 was picked for the lucky draw.
Aiks! So, i got a photo frame for it. LOL. Thanks anyway.
With touch and guess game, balloon game and etc.
The touch and guess game was funny. Doraemon n Dai Lou received the punishment!
Haha! Congratulations~ Hiak hiak.. :)))
3 of our lovely lecturers, Ms Lim, Ms Ngu and Ms Louise sang "The Moon Represent My Heart".
Haha! Wasted Ms Normah could not attend. Hmph.
All the photos and video will be upload soon, okie? Kinda lazy. Hehe.

After the nite, we headed to upper and club together. Was fun and enjoyed!
A lot of friends were there. I'm seriously happy when saw a lot of friends there.
So, here's few photos of club! Hehe.
This is me and 3 "ma lat lou".. Haha :P

Me n Vikram.

So, I'm going to end this post with this kinda rude photo. Haha!
Well, 做人要有中指 !Hahahahahahhaha xD

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