Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey, guys! Blogger is here again.
So, i had started my KL life and so far, it was kinda exciting.
First, let's talk about my housemates.
They are wonderful and great of course.
I guess this is the first time to had good housemates? Haha!

Secondly, i really happy to have my Penang friends here.
We're sticking together and had a great time together.
And finally we managed to hang out yesterday.
We went to KLCC and visited Petrosains. Haha!
Sounds like we're primary school student rite?
But while in the "Dark Ride", it was kinda fun. LOL!
We were spinning round and round in the Gondola. Hahaha!
Inside the Petrosains, there's a lot of things. Dinosaur, petroleum, mud and so on.
We had a mind game as well. Haha! Wei Wen, the grand winner. LOL!
His mind is calm and we're not. :(
There's many international school students from oversea. They superb active! :D
Some of the pictures you may see in my Facebook.

Anyway, we really did had some good time although it was tiring.
Alright! Bubbye readers!
Alright! See ya all soon.
And i'll end my post with the ice-cream i ate when i was in Pavilion last two days! :D

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