Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first day in KL.

Hey, guys! I'm so tired today.
12am went to fetch my sis at airport and i did not really slept well.
3am woke up and prepare all my stuffs and get ready to depart to KL.
5 hours journey was kinda tiring. Pity my sis that drove all the way. Haha! Thanks sis!
And of course not to forget my mom. She helped me a lot! Thanks, mommy! :D
I fell asleep for few times while in the car. Damn sleepy and KL really quite far away from Penang.
Finally we managed to reach at 9 something. But guess what? Haha!
How to go Setapak?? Questions mark all around our head. LOL!
So, we simply round here and there. Woots! We had reached!

Seriously, it's weird when i reached. Nahh.. Not familiar with it.
I don't know those new housemates and well, everything just seems weird to me.
Hope i'll get used to it soon. :(
So, later on headed to Pavilion! Woots woots!
But nothing to shop. All expensive thingy but niceeeee.
Went to Forever 21 as well and bought a tee. Absolutely cheap and affordable ones.
Sorry, no pictures available for now. Forgot to charge my lovely camera. Aiks!
Anyway, now i'm in the new house without my family again.
I miss them! :'(

By the way, tomorrow advanced diploma will be start. Nervous though.
I went to have few couples of round in KL TARC few hours ago.
It is totally big and i guess i'm going to lost anytime. Haha!
Tomorrow have to wake up early in the morning.
9am have to report to SSSH. It's gonna be a sleepy day. LMAO!
A new life begins, and i'm so scare right now. Still strange.

Alrite guys! Gotta go. Wanna have Facebook now. LOL!

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