Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy and exhausted.

I'm having a bad flu right now.
Plus, i gotta busy and think a lot of things start from tomorrow.
Tons of assignments and works are coming.
Totally exhausted and feels like wanna give up sometimes.
I'm not sure whether i can get through this semester and further to the 2nd one.
I'll try my best, but if i could not, i'm not sure what i will do.

The weather here is sucks.
Damn sunny and rain at the same time.
It just caused my flu getting worse.
Tomorrow will be having a meeting about the event.
Seriously, i got no strength for it. I mean i'm sick plus tired.
Everything seems like not running smooth.
I just can't concentrate in anything because there's too much to do.

I feel headache and stress when i think about my study.
And now, great. I'm sick. That's making me seriously tired and moody.
Hopefully tomorrow i will be recover.
May God bless me in everything.

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