Monday, June 28, 2010

Post Convocation.

Well, there's a lot of my convo photo in my sis's camera.
So, i guess i should just upload those POST CONVO photos here. :)
Due to the convocation, i'm back to PENANG!!!!! Hooray~
I'm extremely happy to catch up with my Penang friends and of course the places and foods!
No doubt Penang foods are slightly better than KL's one.
On the day of convocation, the night still goes on with PARTAYYY~

We went to Mois, the place i used to be there almost every week.
And i'm really happy that finally i can visit there once again.
It was not really crowded in the beginning but then, the crowd started! :)
I was not really into dancing on the stage anymore.I do not know why.
I was standing almost for the whole night.
And i started to think "Yea. This is my real life and this is my real home, Penang not KL."That moment i'm totally appreciate that i'm in Mois.
I mean PENANG MOIS, bay-behhhhh!
And managed to meet up with Rudy and Coollen.
And of course some of my friends who are Mois's regular customers. LOL!

Here are the pictures! :)

DJs in the house! KS face looks funny. Haha!

The crowds~ :D

Bacardi Limon. I mean lemon. :)

Us and of course the funny malay fella. Haha!

KS and m3!

Me and Coollen. :)

Me and Rudy a.k.a The Bread. :P

Finally, i end up my post with the picture i took with Joan. :D

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