Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopping. Sam Lee. :)

It was a good and enjoyable day.
Well, firstly i went to Berjaya Times Square with my housemates.
We planned to buy formal wear for presentation and of course not to forget, our convo.
Seriously, there's too much pretty clothes and cheap! Just lack of money to buy all. :(
Anyway, we bought our formal and some other clothes as well. Wasting money though. Haha!
We also ate the tasty duck rice from "Uncle Duck".
Good recommendation by Xin Ling. :)

See, we're crazy! :P

Duck rice, Yummy, yummy! :)

So, about 5 something we planned to take taxi to back Taman Melati.
But guess what? We heard of " Lee Sheng Jie" this name.
We straight away patah balik and walked to the stage nearby and we saw Sam Lee!!!
Woots woots! He's extremely handsome.
Different from what we see on TV. :)
And he smiled to me.
So, here's some of the pictures.

Kinda blur image. But he's just standing infront of me. :)

Jim, the TV host from Astro. He's handsome as well.

I love Sam Lee!

So lucky that we get to see Sam Lee.
But we're late. Should be there earlier and listen to his singing.
I love his songs. Hopefully he will come to KL again.
Well, KL is a good place though.
Why? Because lots of celebrities might drop by here. :)

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