Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Housemates KL.

I was in KL for about 10 weeks.
And now i'm going to have my another new life in Penang once again.
I seriously gonna miss my friends that in KL.
In this 10 weeks, i was living in under one roof with my lovely housemates.
They are Miki, Jaslene, Vivian, Alex, Yao Wei, Ting Yi and Wan Wei.
Let's talk about Miki the "Minnie's Boyfriend". LOL!

I had knew her since secondary school.
I guess we had knew about 6 years? :)
And we came in to TARC together and stayed together until now.
2 years+ of staying under the same roof. Not bad huh?
Well, a good and understanding friend. I love her much.
Even though now we are not living together anymore but yet, i'll still miss her a lot!

Next one! Jaslene a.k.a Xin Ling!

She's a funny girl and i enjoyed to talk to her.
Sometimes we did some funny stuff in the living room.
We even MSN each other although we just sit next to each other. SWT!
She's a really really good housemate and she's like a mom in our house.
Keep cleaning the house. LOL!
She loves to take picture just like me.
Hari hari syok sendiri. Hahahaa! :P

Alrite! Next, the youngest one at home.
We're old enough for her. LOL!

She's just 18, arghh! I'm old!
She's a cute housemate and her "laughing level" is totally LOW!
She's gonna laugh out loud whenever she saw something UNUSUAL? LOL!
Friendly and she loves to stalk on leng zai.
Thanks to her, i can peep on some. LMAO xD!

Now, here comes the little white pig.
Alex Foo Chun Keat. :)

He's actually a good housemate.
I like him much but sometimes did make me TAK SYOK.
Sorry lar, alex. I'm a bad-tempered gal.
And i'm easily get tension. Lot of things not under my control.
Sorry for everything.
He often fetched us to eat "Ho Liao" and of course not to forget the World Cup.
I remembered we went to watch the matches together with housemates.
Cheer together. Disappointed together.
Sometimes midnight, he might feel boring and asked us to accompany him for a drink at TBR.
"Teh Ais", his favourite i guess?
And sometimes he likes to beat me and us, CUBIT him lar! :P

Next next next. The hairy one.
Yao Wei. LOL!

A crazy guy.
I like to hear the way he laughed. It's extremely funny.
I just do not know how to describe.
I should recorded it. LOL!
He's good and friendly. One of the top student though.
Can ask him a lot of questions. Hahaha! Thanks, Yao Wei.

Last but not least, Ting Yi.

We seldom mix up together.
But i often took dramas from him. LOL!
Not porn, okie? :P
First impression on him was, Oh, gosh! Damn lansi. Hahaha!
But actually he's not bad la. ;P
We all went up to Seremban together.
And he treated us every meals there.
Thank u so much, TY! :D

And Wan Wei. I forgot her Facebook account.
So i'm without her picture here.
I less talked to her. Mostly just smile.
But she's seriously funny.
She loves to say "Oh, my gosh!" and the way she laughed can fight with Yao Wei. LOL!

Anyway, i love ya all so much!
Thanks for giving me lots of good memories after all.
I love playing pool with ya all which i just sit beside and watch. LOL!
I love to watch football with ya all which i'm so excited to bet.
I love eating with ya all which i seems to be silent always.
I just love everything with ya all.
All da best in the future and see ya!
Good luck in everything! :D

-With Love. The End.-
upcoming post : BESTFRIENDS.

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