Friday, August 13, 2010

My Day of Today.

Well, luck is so important in our life.
Everyone wish to have good luck always.
Same as me. Now I'm seeking for job and I really hope I can find one that really suits me.
I attended both of the interviews for 'M' and 'I'.
So far, I'm hired but I'm still waiting for the other answer.I guess you're quite confuse of what I'm saying right? Heh ;)Important is I understand myself. LOL!

Finally i went to JPJ to get my CDL license after quite some time.
My P license was expired on May but now is August, and yet, today I just upgrade it to CDL.
Anyway, i got charged for losing my P license. Luckily it just RM20.If need to pay more than RM100, I'm going to die.RM20 plus the RM30 for the 1 year CDL license.
So, I'm officially not an illegal driver anymore. LOL!

*Well, lame picture. Ignore it. LOL!*

And guess what, I drove back from Ipoh to Penang on Wednesday.
HAHAHA! For you, it might be "CHEHHH.." but for me, it's a new experience!
It was the first time and I'm kinda exciting. LOL!
So, finally i had also change my car's wheel bearing that caused a lot of noise on my car.
Now, the noise gone and back to normal. :)
Recently I had fell in love with a song, "Dirty Picture" by Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha.
Honestly, I love Kesha's voice.

-the end. love.-

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