Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Police Checking.

It's the PARTAY nite.
I was too boring staying at home and I'm just lack of entertainment.
So, went up to UPR for a clubbing nite at Mois.But guess what? It's a lame nite.
At first was like not enough clubbing mood but slowly, I'm ON!
However, suddenly i saw someone wearing police jacket. DAMN IT!
That's true, POLICE.It was just 1.30 am and the night still young and they spoiled everyone's mood.
The polices called our name one by one and it took such a long time.
About 2.30 I'm out from the club and headed to Fame.Guys were still inside the club for checking and it ended up at 5 something.
It's all your fault, Foo Ping. HAHAHA!
I guess it was the worse nite ever.
But yet, still taken some pictures with Joan. *love*
Has been a long time we did not took pictures. :P

And of course some SS pictures. LOL!
As i mentioned, after the checking we went to Fame,
while waiting for the guys to come out.
The new Fame is totally different, a big stage.
But the bar, is not that fun. :(
Saw Wei Siong again and he keep forced us to finish the 1 bottle of Carlsberg. Eeee-www!
Finally we went to the bar and have some lemons.
Guess what? Saw Ah Chen working there. LOL!
The world is just so small. Aiks!We went to sit at the side and waiting for the guys to come out from Mois.
And another thing happened!
I met my ex-customers which i worked for Red last time.
But they did not recognise me.
Suddenly one of them came and asked us to join them. That's funny.
But yet, they still not really can recognised me. LOL!
And it was 3am, the crowd still happening and everyone still having fun there.

Pity those guys in Mois, 5 something only finish checking.
And seriously those polices are so fierce to guys.
Luckily I'm a gal. LOL!
Anyway, pity Ah Siang, it was his birthday celebration.
And it was spoiled, i guess he would be a lil bit fed up?
Well, happy belated birthday! :D

-The End. Love-

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