Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey fellas! Was kinda long time i did not update my bloggiee.
Finally I'm here! Yeah, I'm here babe! :P
Well, what do i wanna say about women?
Women are messy stuffs for men. Hahaha! Agree that?
For them, we are annoying and ear mumbler. Hmph.
Anyway, I hate guys who thought so since woman always be man's backbone. :)

Argh! STOP that topic. Actually I wanna talk about cosmetics!
Yeah, seriously cosmetics are the weapons of women!
We used to fight and go for "war". HAHAHAHAHA! :x
Honestly, i need cosmetics a lot as my eyes are small.
I need eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and not to forget mascara. :D
Oops, I need concealer too. Just to hide my panda eyes.
Blusher, foundation, base and so on, I do not really need it.
I just will use blusher when I'm going out for some events.
So take a look at this! My eyes are big and looks energetic. :P

So, what happens when I'm without make up? Scary weyy!

HAHAHAHAHA! Isn't it looks miracle? Yeah.
I used Kate's eyeliner, Maybelline's mascara, The Face Shop's eyelashes.
I love it! *Lovieee*

Everyone is commenting that i look different when make up and without make up.
Just shut up. I'm still the usual Hazel Wong. Still the rude girl. *Evil laugh*
Maybe you would like to say I'm wearing mask everyday.
But, it looks cool. Looks mystery, I would say. :P
Ignore me if you dislike me. I don't mind and don't give a damn. Peace. \m/

I had posted up my without make up picture, where's yours? :D
Post up too and link me! *Blink!*

Tata for now! :)

-With love. Hazel.-

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