Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life goes on.

So what I will be saying in this post?
First, the leaving of HC. Well, I just knew him not long but he is going back to Taiwan next Wednesday.
I guess I know him about 1 month? I'm not sure, but he's my bestie's friend.
Nice and kinda childish guy. Hahahahaha xD
Same as a lil bro of mine. You know rite? I don't have lil brothers nor sisters.
I am the youngest in the family.
When I was small, I'm always alone. My dad passed away, mom working in Jawi, elder sis working in KL, 2nd sis studying and sometimes not at home.
So, i often alone all the time. No one I could talk to.
Played paperdolls, watch TV, talking to myself. Ha! Sounds crazy? Nahh. It's fun. :)
I always remembered the mini market located behind my house.
Often "korek" my 5cents and buy chips from the shop.
Walked alone all the way to the shop. The shop uncle even can recognised me. :P
Everything alone. Envy of others who got lil sisters or brothers.
I were really wish that someone could have a conversation with me when i was just a child.
For sure, i'll never forget bad things happened during the past.

Slowly, grown up day by day.
14 years old, finally. :)
Feeling great to have great friends in school. I got a godsister too! A super good godsister.
I was really active in co-curricular activities. Recorder performance, taekwando, netball, hockey, a lot. :D
But something happened. Bad thing, anyway. It just ruined my life at that time.
Was forced to come to Penang to stay.
No friends at all in Penang. Kinda alone.
Cried infront of GuanYin, praying that "Hopefully I can stay in Ipoh".
But useless. First day of school, everyone looked at me like weirdo.
Often get scolded by those juniors as I don't even put a smile on my face.
And I'm lucky be in Class 2 Arif. Classmates were great. ;)
So, finally i'm not so alone now. Ha!
Gets familiar later and it's great. Penang is just a nice place to stay.

Now, I'm 21. I got a lot of friends in Penang.
Especially after I started my clubbing life.
I knew Joan, Renee, Kai Loon, Khai, Dav, Cindy, Jeiz and so on!!
All are my kakis! Hahaha xD
College life was sucks. Having a lot of conflicts.
Same thing, no one I could talk to. Friends all were backstabbing each other.
No point to say out whatever in my heart or mind.
And now, keep on partying with friends.
Went to KL and Genting with them as well. :D
I'm kinda happy, anyway. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. Theee-heee.

Soon in June, my 2nd sis gonna get married. I guess will be less seeing her already. :(
My elder sis is 29 now. Sooner or later, she might get married too.
And it just left my mom and I. Mom getting old. Feel kinda worry too.
Now, I'm not staying with my family. Sometimes feel quite good.
Sometimes feel bored and alone.
Just hide in the room, sitting infront of my lappie.
So I often club. That's what I can do to meet a lot of people and have fun. :)
And i guess some of you know that I do not like to stay at this house due to certain reason.
Anyway, life goes on.
Whatever how it is, I still gonna continue it with a smile. :)

Btw, take good care, HC!
Great to know you as a friend! :D
All the best in Taiwan!

-With love. Hazel-

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