Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Out and R.I.P, my friend. :(

Had my day out with Joan and Renee today again.
Well, almost every Tuesday, we will hang out together.
So, it's as usual. Ha!
Went to 1st Avenue FOR WHOLE DAY.
Just walk around and they can even spend more than half hour in the same shop. LOL!
So, here's some sneak preview of the hang over pictures. :)

*Joan and Hazel.*

*stupid pose ever in year 2011. LOL!*

*waiting for Renee to finish her trying clothes session. xD*

Not gonna emphasize on my outing day anymore.
While I was in the toilet waiting for Joan to tie up her hair,
In a sudden, I received a message from Daxel.
The content is "Do you know our friend had passed away?".
I was like kinda stunt and immediately called him up and asked for the details.
And he told me, it's Ah Meng.
No doubt, it's my ex-colleague in Red, which I used to call him ALABAI.
I have been lose contact with him since I had resigned from my job in Red last 2 years.
And not that often saw him anymore.
I remembered sometimes when I'm unhappy, I'll tell him about my problem.
And he often be the great listener and gave good advices. :(
It flash back everything;

We talked through MSN after finish work straight until 8am,

The honey lemon that made by him,

The song of Tanya Chai that he played after work. *失意症*,

He often sing "Power Station" song with Vincent, Red's chef,

Took pictures with me when there's no customers,

He purposely walk to the bar and take tissues for me when I was sick,

Often play with me when I'm on duty together with him,

And MORE....

Now, he's not here anymore.
Not to say I'm a very close friend to him,
I'm just so glad to know him as friend and I enjoyed working with him, SERIOUSLY. :)
Sometimes he was kinda emotional and think a lot,
But no doubt, he's a real great friend.
The last time I saw him was in Mois, sitting beside me.
And we did talked and drink together.
I never thought that it was the last time I'll be seeing him. :'(
Went to his funeral and obviously, his grandmom is seriously sad.
But anyway, Rest In Peace, my friend.
Hope you'll have a better life in the next life.

*Thanks Ah Meng for being a good friend!!!*

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