Monday, April 4, 2011

Sleep all day, Partayy all night!

Well, has been 2 months I'm sitting at home.
Hmph, what should I say? Relaxing? Fun? Bored?
Yeah, sometimes kinda bored but I was quite enjoy with my life right now.
Without working or studying, it's totally HEAVEN. ROFL!
Everyone are doubting what I'm doing currently. Ah-Ha!
So, here I'm gonna tell you, I'm doing nothing! :D
Sounds fun, isn't it?
Sitting in Starbucks with my lappie and enjoying Dark Mocha ice blended.
I had drink half of it, and I'm not gonna take any pictures since it looks quite disgusting right now.
Just went for an interview this morning.
The benefits are quite good, hopefully they would pick me. :)

Oh yeah! Back to the topic. Partayyyy!
No doubt I'm a party queen. Recently wasted quite a lot of money.
There's too much of birthday boys and girls in these 2 months.
Since I'm not working currently, I'm kinda broke right now.
I need a permanent job badly! Awww.
I'm waiting for the answer now. May God bless me. :D
April, here it comes. Gonna spend a lot again.
There are like more than 5 persons birthday in the same month.

Anyway, just a simple post of mine here.
No pictures, only texts. Kinda lazy to update anyway.
Gimme some time and I'm gonna get more updates soon! :D
Bye, peeps!

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